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Guatemala Missions Trip 2015: Day One

275_p1_06_1877 275_p1_06_1625If you want to see heaven come to earth, there is no better place than Guatemala. There were times today when we could see over the tops of the clouds as we drove up the winding roads on the mountainside.  Water bottles inflated and deflated as the altitude changed.  Ears popped.  We arrived after an eight-hour bus ride to a dinner of spaghetti and warm beds.

Much has changed in Guatemala City in the fifteen months since we visited last. Mike McComb tells us that eighteen new shopping malls have opened, food courts and all. Less has changed up here in Nebaj; but we hear the sight of people farming corn using ancient Mayan methods while talking on their cell phones is more and more common.

Tomorrow we will prepare backpacks filled with school supplies for the children in the towns we will visit.  We’ll also attend a local church service, and do Vacation Bible School for 50 children in the church.

Monday marks the beginning of the pastors’ conference.  One hundred and fifty pastors from around the region will meet us in Nebaj to be strengthened and encouraged.  We hope that this will overflow into their congregations, and the region as a whole.  Many pastors in Guatemala are selected on the basis of having any education at all.  Simply the ability to read may set them apart from all others in their congregation.  The courage to step up to the call of pastoring a church in these circumstances is beyond admirable, so please join us in praying for and honoring this group of servants for the Kingdom. We are here to lift up and support these men, and we are excited to share what God has put on our hearts for each and every single one.

We love you CityLight…See you tomorrow.

Text by Joshua Feldman. Photos courtesy of Tim Maggio.

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