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Day 5: The Power of Unity

Genesis 11:1-13:4

Matthew 5:1-26

Psalm 5:1-12

Proverbs 1:24-28

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Pastor Commentary:

Human beings are made in God’s image (Gen 1:27), and we are capable of incredible things when we act in unison. Gen 11:1 says that at the time of the Tower of Babel, we all had ‘one language and one speech.’ ‘Speech’ is the Hebrew word ‘Dabar’ (Strong’s #1697); in other passages this is translated to mean the spoken word of God (Gen 15:1) or God’s plan (Gen 18:14). The entire earth – all mankind – spoke the same language and listened to the Word of God. The effect of that unity was so powerful that God had to intervene…but why? Why did God intervene at the Tower of Babel? At the time of the story, mankind was working in perfect harmony: speaking the same language and working together on a common plan. Why ruin it? The problem was they were working on the wrong plan. They were trying to get to Heaven on their own by building up a man-made tower: a fortress of security to prevent being scattered abroad. Yet God cautions us that only He should be our strong tower (Ps 61:3, Prov 18:10). Jesus tells us that the meek shall inherit the earth (Matt 5:5), and that those who exalt themselves will be humbled (Matt 23:12). If we want to reach Heaven, we must acknowledge that only Jesus Christ can take us there. We can never earn entry on our own (Mark 8:37).



“Father, help me to hear Your Word. Instruct me according to Your Purpose. Help me not to cling to other people just like me for fear of setting out to do what You have called to do. I want You to be My Rock and My Fortress, because You are My Redeemer.”

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