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Day 362: God Alone

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
Zechariah 12:1-13:9
Revelation 19:1-21
Psalm 147:1-20
Proverbs 31:1-7
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God!” – Rev 19:10

We spend too much time worshipping other people! We worship celebrities, bosses, mentors, other men and women we see as successful…the list goes on and on. But true peace comes from worshipping God alone!

God’s perception of you matters; no one else’s does.  True freedom means breaking free from the shackles of other people’s opinions. Are you doing what He has called you to do, regardless of what other people think? Are you worshipping Him with all your heart?


Father, I confess that I worry too much about what other people think. Your opinion is the only one that matters! Help me to worship You – and only You – with my whole heart!


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