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Day 346: What Do You See?

The Daily Word: Sunday, December 12th, 2021
Amos 7:1-9:15
Revelation 3:7-22
Psalm 131:1-3
Proverbs 29:23
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
And the Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?” And I said, “A plumb line.” Then the Lord said: “Behold, I am setting a plumb line in the midst of My people Israel; I will not pass by them anymore.” – Amos 7:8

The Lord asked Amos a question. But was He really seeking information? Or was He checking to see if Amos was paying attention? Was He asking to see if Amos was willing to dialogue with God, instead of rushing on with his day?

I wonder how many times we miss what God is trying to show us because we don’t stop to consider what we see. We drown out His word with podcasts and music. We override His vision with Netflix and cable TV.

God already knew what Amos saw. But He needed to know if Amos was willing to participate before He decided to show him even more.


Lord, help me to pay attention to You! To Your word. To Your vision! I pray I would never be too busy for what You have for me, in Jesus’ name!

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