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Day 344: Your First Love

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan

Amos 1:1-3:15

Revelation 2:1-17

Psalm 129:1-8

Proverbs 29:19-20

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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

“Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love” (Rev 2:4). Jesus Christ must always come first in our lives. The church at Ephesus did all the right things: they worked hard, had patience with all, and corrected false apostles. But Jesus didn’t want their perfection; He wanted their love. The same holds true for us. We must never lose sight of our first love: joyous unity in salvation with Jesus Christ. We must love simply to spend time in His presence: with no ulterior motives, and no strings attached. Do you need fall in love all over again?


Father, I want to fall in love with You all over again! Help me never to take Your love for granted. I never want to forget how simply yet infinitely You love me.

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