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Day 330: It’s Not About You!

The Daily Word: Tuesday, November 26th, 2019
Daniel 2:24-3:30
1 Peter 4:7-5:14
Psalm 119:81-96
Proverbs 28:15-16
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Therefore Daniel went to Arioch, whom the king had appointed to destroy the wise men of Babylon. He went and said thus to him: “Do not destroy the wise men of Babylon; take me before the king, and I will tell the king the interpretation.” – Dan 2:24

Daniel was bold. God had given him the interpretation to the King of Babylon’s dream, and Daniel went before the king to boldly proclaim it. If Daniel was wrong, it would cost him his life!

But Daniel knew this wasn’t just about Daniel. If Daniel’s interpretation was accurate, he would not only save his own life; he would also save the lives of his friends, plus all the “wise men” (v 24) in Babylon. Daniel knew the risk was worth the reward. He had no choice but to take a chance! He took his eyes off himself, and put them on the people around him.

God wants to do something powerful through you! But it’s not just for you. The destinies of people around you depend on your obedience. Are you willing to say yes and amen to whatever God asks you to do: not only for your sake, but for the sake of others whom God has placed by your side?


Father, thank You for moving through me. I know that so much more than my own hope and future are at stake here. The lives and futures of people around me depend on my obedience. I say yes and amen to everything You ask me to do, in Jesus’ name!

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