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Day 317: Where Are You Running?

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan

Ezekiel 29:1-30:26

Hebrews 11:32-12:13

Psalm 112:1-10

Proverbs 27:17

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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

“…and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus…” (Heb 12:1-2). Christians love to imagine life as a race. The author of Hebrews instructs us to lay aside anything that would slow us down and run the race of life. Paul tells the church at Corinth to, “Run in such a way that you may obtain [the prize]” (1 Cor 9:24). But where are we running? Too often we get so excited to take off from the finish line without even knowing where we’re headed! We must run straight to Jesus. He is the object of our affections and the endpoint of the only race worth running. He is our prize. So let’s not run without realizing that we are running to Jesus Christ Himself; because if we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll never know when we get there.


Father, Your Son says to come to Him and He will give us rest. Help me to drop everything and come to Jesus. Help me to leave aside anything that could ever slow me down, and pursue the Lord of Heaven. Jesus is my prize!

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