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Day 31: Make It Personal

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Sunday, January 31st, 2016
Exodus 12:14-13:16
Matthew 20:29-21:22
Psalm 25:16-22
Proverbs 6:12-15
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

And you shall tell your son in that day, saying, “This is done because of what the Lord did for me when I came up from Egypt.” – Ex 13:8

God instructed the people of Israel to remember the Passover, even after they were established in the Promised Land. He told them exactly what to tell their children: “This is done because of what the Lord did for me.”

God wanted every Israelite to personalize the Passover. He didn’t ask them, many generations down the road, to remember the Exodus by saying, “This is done because of what God did for our ancestors,” or “This is done because of what God did for your great great grandmother.” God asked every Israelite – even if they hadn’t been there in person – to boldly proclaim: God did this for me.

Jesus died on the Cross for you. Yes, His blood was poured out as a sacrifice for all mankind. Specifically, however, He gave His life for you. You must recognize that everything God has done for any man or woman in history was for you. Make it personal. As you read testimonies of miracles in the Bible, declare, “God, thank You for doing this for me!”


Father, I know Jesus’ death on the Cross was for me! I know the Exodus – the permanent release from the enemy – was for me! Thank You for giving everything for my sake. I receive Your blessings over my life.

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