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Day 307: Our Perfect Problem

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
Ezekiel 7:1-9:11
Hebrews 5:1-14
Psalm 105:1-15
Proverbs 26:28
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him… – Heb 5:9

God requires perfect obedience. If we want to make it to Heaven, we have to be perfect. But who among us can make that claim? Who among us have never done a single thing wrong?

Jesus was the only Man to ever live a perfect, sinless life. He is the author of salvation: He is the owner of righteousness because He earned it. He was the only Man able to live a perfect life for God. He was obedient at all times. The only way for us to earn the reward for perfect obedience is to become hidden in Him.

Colossians 2:10 says that when we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we are made perfect in Him. When we trust in the finished work of the Cross, we are made righteous through Him.

When you meet God face to face at the end of your life, He will ask you if you have been perfect. If you are washed in the blood of Jesus, you will have nothing to hide.

When you live a life of radical obedience to Jesus, God attributes His obedience to you! Are you ready to rest in the finished work of the Cross?


Father, help me to live a life of radical obedience to Jesus Christ. I know that obedience to Him is obedience to You!

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