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Day 277: Don’t Forget God!

The Daily Word: Monday, October 4th, 2021
Jeremiah 2:31-4:18
Colossians 1:1-17
Psalm 76:1-12
Proverbs 24:21-22
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Can a virgin forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? Yet My people have forgotten Me days without number. – Jer. 2:32

This was God’s chief complaint about His people: they had forgotten about Him. Would you go outside without putting clothes on? Of course not! That would be impossible to forget. Yet how many days do your leave your house without first talking to God?

Make your prayer life automatic: not in the sense that what you pray is ritualized and mindless, but in the same way that brushing your teeth is automatic! You don’t go the whole week without brushing your teeth and then brush them for 5 hours on Sunday, do you? Then why do you forsake-and-binge that way with God?

God doesn’t want to be Someone you can leave the house without. Seek Him early. Seek Him often! Make Him the Only One who matters, and watch how your life changes in response.


Father, help me to never forget You. Everyone else in my life can wait. Nothing else is as important as You! Help me to never forget my priorities: You come first, and You alone are worthy of all my love and affection, in Jesus’ name.

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