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Day 272: Praying for Other People

The Daily Word: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020
Isaiah 57:15-59:21
Philippians 1:1-26
Psalm 71:1-24
Proverbs 24:9-10
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy… – Phil. 1:3-4

The apostle Paul thanked God every time he remembered the people in the church at Philippi. He prayed for them “always in every prayer.” And when he prayed for them, he was filled with joy!

Yes, praying for other people is serious work. But it is also a joyful exercise! Do you take joy in praying for others? Does it feel like a burden to lift other people up in prayer, or does it feel like a blessing? Do you find it more satisfying to pray for others than to pray for yourself? Do you pray for the prayer needs of other people as if they were your own?

Your greatest joy in life is to lift others up in prayer. For whom are you praying today?


Father, would You please make praying for other people the best part of my day? Fill me with joy when I pray for others! I want them to come ahead of me in my prayers, and I ask that You would fill me with joy as a result, in Jesus’ name!

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