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Day 265: Magnify His Name

The Daily Word: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021
Isaiah 39:1-41:16
Ephesians 1:1-23
Psalm 66:1-20
Proverbs 23:25-28
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Say to God,
“How awesome are Your works!
Through the greatness of Your power
Your enemies shall submit themselves to You.
All the earth shall worship You
And sing praises to You;
They shall sing praises to Your name.” Selah – Ps. 66:3-4

We know that we should “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17). But often when we go to pray, we don’t know how to start! We don’t know what to say. But thanks be to God that He provides us with a template!

Say to God, “How awesome are Your works!” – v 3

Tell God that He is awesome. You’re not doing it for Him, by the way. He already knows He’s awesome! You’re doing it for you. As you declare His magnificent power over your life, your soul will be reminded to praise Him and to trust Him like never before.

Then, celebrate His authority:

Through the greatness of Your power
Your enemies shall submit themselves to You. – v 3

God has given you “authority…over all the power of the enemy” (Lk. 10:19). God’s enemies will submit themselves to Him! And you are “seated in Christ” (Eph. 2:6). That means that you – in Him! – have authority over His enemies who seek to attack the God in you.

Then, begin to worship. All the earth will worship Him (v 4)! They shall sing praises to His name. And there is no reason that worship should not start with you. Today will be a day of worship in Jesus’ name! You will sing praises to Him from the moment you rise to the moment you sleep.

Take a moment today to pray Psalm 66 over your life. Read one verse out, and then pause and reflect. Thank God – out loud – as you pray through each verse and recount His faithfulness in your life. This is called praying Scripture. Do it every morning, and watch how your relationship with Jesus is transformed!


Father, thank You for giving me Your word so I can pray it out! Thank You for putting breath in my lungs so I can declare Your word back to you. I will be faithful to bring Your word to Your remembrance so that You can cause it to come to pass over my life, in Jesus’ name!

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