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Day 234: Tongues Anyone?

The Daily Word: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018
Job 4:1-7:21
1 Corinthians 14:18-40
Psalm 37:30-40
Proverbs 21:27
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
I thank my God I speak with tongues more than you all… – 1 Cor 14:18

We base much of our contemporary church teaching on the writings of the Apostle Paul (the Pauline Epistles). Through Paul, the Holy Spirit wrote 13 out of 27 books in the New Testament. He instructs us on marriage (Eph 5). He teaches us the importance of love (1 Cor 13). He champions equality (Galatians 3). And he also loves speaking in tongues!

“I thank my God,” Paul says, “I speak with tongues more than you all!” The Apostle Paul spoke in tongues more than anyone he knew in the early church! Yet so few churches today teach their people the importance of speaking in tongues. I believe Paul’s personal prayer language (i.e. tongues) was a large part of what empowered him for successful ministry! Yet tongues is too-often neglected – or outright mocked as weird – by the contemporary church.

Speaking in tongues is not weird; it is powerful! It is Scriptural and holy! If we don’t have tongues, we are missing out on something Jesus died for us to have!


Father, thank You for the gift of tongues! I thank God I speak in tongues; and I pray Your church would catch a revelation as to just how important speaking in tongues is! Open our eyes, in Jesus’ name!

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