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Day 233: He Worshiped

The Daily Word: Saturday, August 21st, 2021
Job 1:1-3:26
1 Corinthians 14:1-17
Psalm 37:12-29
Proverbs 21:25-26
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped. – Job 1:20

This was undoubtedly the worst day of Job’s life. And he had done nothing to deserve it! Scriptures says that Job was “blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil” (v 1). But calamity found Job nonetheless. The very thing he “greatly feared” came upon him (Job 3:25).

But look at Job’s response to calamity. He “arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped” (v 20). Job didn’t pretend everything was ok! He mourned, as evidenced by the 1) tearing of his robe and 2) shaving of his head. But Job made a decision in the midst of his distress. He worshiped. He didn’t understand why what had happened took place, and quite frankly he didn’t need to. He made the hard choice to acknowledge God as Lord, even in the midst of his mourning.

What made Job “blameless and upright” was his decision to worship in the midst of the greatest trial he had ever faced. If you are going through something this morning, you have an opportunity before you. Will you fall to the ground and worship God right where you are? True worship is not honoring God because you want to; it is loving and praising God because He is your only lifeline in the midst of life’s most trying moments.


Lord, make me a man of worship. In the midst of my darkest days, I will worship You. I don’t need to understand everything that’s happening and why it’s taking place! I just need to remember that You are God, in Jesus’ name.

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