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Day 22: Supernatural Favor

The Daily Word: Monday, January 22nd, 2018
Genesis 44:1-45:28
Matthew 14:13-36
Psalm 18:37-50
Proverbs 4:11-13
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

“Also do not be concerned about your goods, for the best of all the land of Egypt is yours.” Gen 45:20

This is supernatural favor! Joseph’s brothers were far from perfect. They had sold Joseph into slavery because they were jealous of him! They certainly hadn’t earned a reward for good behavior.

But look how God blessed them. Joseph forgave them. Pharaoh gifted them the “best of all the land of Egypt.” In a famine where people were struggling to survive, God blessed His people so they would thrive.

The blessings of God are not conditioned on your perfect behavior; they are conditioned on your relationship with God through Jesus Christ! Joseph blessed his brothers because they were his family; and God will bless you – no matter what you’ve done – for exactly the same reason.


Father, thank You for Your unconditional blessings. I know my past cannot disqualify me from Your goodness. Thank You for blessing me with the best You have to offer, in Jesus’ name!

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