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Day 217: Be An Encourager!

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Friday, August 5th, 2016
Ezra 1:1-2:70
1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5
Psalm 27:7-14
Proverbs 20:22-23
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

And all those who were around them encouraged them with articles of silver and gold, with goods and livestock, and with precious things, besides all that was willingly offered. – Ezra 1:6

Encouragement is a call to action. To “encourage” is the Hebrew chazaq (Strong’s H2388), which means to strengthen or make firm. Encouragement is more than kind words, or “sending good thoughts.” Encouragement means putting your money where your mouth is.

God’s people were coming out of exile to rebuild the temple. They needed all the help they could get. They needed money! So their friends, family, and everyone else who was stirred by God’s Holy Spirit gave it to them.

Encouragement looks like something! Talk is cheap; but encouragement is an investment. It may mean financial giving. It may mean showing up when others need you most, and being there when everyone else has commitments that get in the way. It may simply be praying when everyone else is too busy!

Strengthen the people around you, so they can accomplish everything God has called them to do.  Encourage them, just as God’s Holy Spirit has encouraged you.


Father, help me to be an encourager! Bless me with the resources I need – finances, time, and patience – to invest into other people. Help me to put actions behind my words, and follow through on what I say.


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