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Day 21: Three Layers

Genesis 42:18-43:34

Matthew 13:47-14:12

Psalm 18:16-36

Proverbs 4:7-10

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

Jesus constantly ends His descriptions of the final judgment with descriptions of wailing and ‘gnashing of teeth’ for those who are not gathered into the Kingdom of God. What does ‘gnashing of teeth’ mean? We gnash (grind) our teeth together whenever we’re in intense pain or anger; those left out of the Kingdom of God will experience intense pain as a result of eternal suffering, and anger at the eternal realization that such suffering could have easily been avoided. What’s more interesting is that there are three basic layers of the human tooth: enamel, dentin and pulp (from exterior to interior). Severe grinding of the teeth results in erosion of all thee layers. Human beings are also tri-layered: body, soul and spirit (from exterior to interior). Eternal consequences, whether good or bad, pierce all three layers that make up who we are. Are bodies are just external casings that carry our much more valuable spirits, and it is the eternal fate of our spirits that should occupy our attention as opposed to the temporal state of our bodies. Let’s not forget that our choices impact much more than just the final resting place of our bodies!



“Father, give me focus! Reveal to me the role of, and purpose for, the different layers that make up who I am as your child. Give me the grace to do what’s best for spirit, even if it means forsaking flesh. I know that only Your Holy Spirit can give me the strength to do this, so I ask for more of His Presence in Jesus’ Mighty Name!”

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