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Day 202: The Inside Matters

The Daily Word: Tuesday, July 21st, 2020
2 Chronicles 4:1-6:11
Romans 7:1-13
Psalm 17:1-15
Proverbs 19:22-23
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Moreover he made a bronze altar: twenty cubits was its length, twenty cubits its width, and ten cubits its height. – 2 Chron. 4:1

2 Chronicles contains an extensive, exhaustive description of how the temple at Jerusalem was constructed. Between 2 Chronicles 3 and 2 Chronicles 4, Scripture dedicates thirty-seven verses to the description of the temple. Out of those thirty-seven verses, only six verses describe the outside of the temple, while thirty-one verses describe what was inside.

The inside matters! God dedicated over five times the number of verses to the description of the inside of the temple than He did to the outside. It doesn’t mean the outside was unimportant! Something had to keep out the wind and the rain. But it does mean that God expected the builders to pay far more attention to the intricacies of what was taking place indoors.

Your walk with Jesus is not all about your behavior: your outside! Yes, the outside matters. But Jesus wants your heart more than anything else. He wants your inside! He wants you to seek Him with your whole heart! Because when we seek Him with just our exterior – when we are content to just go through the motions with no real internal change – we aren’t really seeking Him at all.


Father, today I give You my whole heart. I don’t want to settle for an outside, surface-level relationship with You. I am inviting You in. Come and rearrange my heart! Come and fill me the way You promised You would. I am so grateful for Your presence that dwells in me, in Jesus’ name.

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