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Day 2: Fear of God

Genesis 3:1-4:26

Matthew 2:13-3:6

Psalm 2:1-12

Proverbs 1:7-9

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Pastor Commentary: The ‘fear of God’ is the recurrent theme that runs through today’s text. In Prov 1:7, ‘fear’ of God is translated as ‘respect, reverence, or piety’ (Strong’s #03374). We are created to respect, revere and worship God because of His awesome power and His divine nature. After all, this is the God of the Universe who has taken such a great interest in restoring a relationship with us that He sent His Only Son to hang and die on the Cross for our sins! What we want to emphasize today is that Biblical ‘fear’ is different than being afraid. God is not just a ruthless disciplinarian who will not rest until we are pulverized. He does not enjoy punishing us, and He does not wish bad things upon us. God is GOOD! Before eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam was accustomed to walking with God in the garden in the cool of the day (Gen 3:8). It was not until Satan damaged their relationship that Adam and Eve were afraid of God’s Presence. God desires INTIMACY with us; He desires intimacy with you. Intimacy was His original intent, and it should be our New Testament reality as recipients of God’s grace and mercy as demonstrated on the Cross.

Prayer: “Father, help me to fear your properly. I know I am designed to respect You, and to stand in awe of Your Power and Glory. But help me to never be afraid of You. You want a relationship with me! You desire intimacy with me just as much as my soul cries out for intimacy with You!”

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