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Day 18: Judge Not

Genesis 37:1-38:30

Matthew 12:22-45

Psalm 16:1-11

Proverbs 3:27-32

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

In Genesis 38, Judah finds out his widowed daughter-in-law played the harlot, and he was quick to judge her. “Bring her out and let her be burned!” (Gen 38:24) was his immediate reaction. Yet the Lord cautions us against such rash judgment. You see, Judah did not realize that he was the very man with whom Tamar had slept. He did not take time to recount his own mistakes in advance of issuing judgment for the mistakes of others. Jesus Christ calls us to notice the plank in our own eye before pointing out the speck in the eye of another (Luke 6:42).  He tells us only to cast stones (hurl judgments) at another if we can honestly say that we ourselves are without sin (John 8:7). Of course, none of us is without sin! It follows that none of us should judge. There is only One Righteous Judge (Romans 2:16). God has already forgiven all our sins when we call on the Name of Jesus Christ. We must not pretend to be more righteous than God Himself and refuse to forgive others.



“Father, help me to forgive! You have washed me clean – white as snow! If you won’t judged me for everything I’ve done, I shouldn’t judge others for anything they’ve done. Help me to see the Christians around me as the children of God that they are!”

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