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Day 16: Don’t Expect the Worst

Day 16: Don’t Expect the Worst

Genesis 32:13-34:31

Matthew 11:7-30

Psalm 14:1-7

Proverbs 3:19-20

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Pastor Commentary:

Pop quiz: your cell phone rings, and it’s someone you haven’t heard from in years. Do you expect good news, or bad news? Is your tendency to assume the best, or the worst? The answer to that question may lend some insight as to how you honestly feel about God’s character. God is the God of Good News; the Gospel of Jesus Christ is quite literally the best news mankind has ever received. We should always expect good news! In Gen 32 and 33, Jacob expects the absolute worst when it comes to his imminent encounter with Esau. He sees his brother approaching with 400 men and assumes vicious intent. Yet Esau runs to meet him, embraces him, kisses him and falls on his neck. God feels exactly the same way about us! When we turn to Him, He RUNS to us and showers us with love and affection! We serve a powerful loving God, and we are His representatives everywhere we go. We should expect good news commensurate with that privilege!



“Father, you are a good God! Help me to expect good things. Don’t let me be swayed by the negativity that the world around me so eagerly displays. I expect good news in Jesus’ Mighty Name!”

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