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Day 153: Embracing Your Mistakes

The Daily Word: Friday, June 2nd, 2017
2 Samuel 19:11-20:13
John 21:1-25
Psalm 120:1-7
Proverbs 16:16-17
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:  

“For I, your servant, know that I have sinned. Therefore here I am, the first to come today of all the house of Joseph to go down to meet my lord the king.” – 2 Sam 19:20

Do you remember Shimei? When David and his men fled from Jerusalem, Shimei came out to berate them, “…cursing continuously as he came” (2 Sam 16:5) and throwing rocks at them! So when David vanquished his enemies and returned to power, we can only assume that he would make Shimei pay for his mistakes by taking his life! Right?

Wrong. God showed mercy to David, so David showed mercy to Shimei. David forgave Shimei! He swore he wouldn’t harm him (2 Sam 19:23). How could David respond with such mercy? How could he handle himself with such grace?

First, Shimei responded humbly. He knew he messed up. Instead of running from his mistakes, he embraced them. He admitted his faults to David, and David forgave him for it.

Second, David responded as a man who knew forgiveness. David was far from perfect (remember David and Bathsheba in 2 Sam 11); yet God had forgiven him all the same. Because David was forgiven, he knew how to forgive.

God has forgiven you of all your sins by the blood of Jesus Christ. Isn’t it time to freely forgive others, no matter what they’ve done?


Father, thank You for forgiving me! Now help me to go out and forgive others, in Jesus’ name. I know how to forgive, because I know how it feels to be forgiven.

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