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Day 143: Love Looks Like Something

2 Samuel 2:12-3:39

John 13:1-30

Psalm 119:1-16

Proverbs 15:29-30

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

“For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you” (John 13:15). Love looks like something. Jesus humbled Himself to wash the feet of all His disciples. Then He prepared Himself for the ultimate act of humble love: giving His life for the sins of all men on the Cross at Calvary. Jesus has shown us unending, unconditional love. The least we can do is love Him back. The most we can do is love everyone we meet.


Father, help me to be more loving! I want to show the people around me every day that love looks like something! Help me to be loving: not only in word, but even more so in deed!

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