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Day 141: True Motives Exposed

The Daily Word: Friday, May 21st, 2021
1 Samuel 29:1-31:13
John 11:55-12:19
Psalm 118:1-18
Proverbs 15:24-26
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
But one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, who would betray Him, said, “Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?” This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money box; and he used to take what was put in it. – Jn. 12:4-6

Mary made an incredible sacrifice. She took a pound of very costly oil – worth about one year’s wages – and poured it out on Jesus’ feet. Then she took her hair and wiped His feet as the fragrance of her offering filled the whole house (v 3). You would think everyone would have been blown away by her sacrifice! Yet not everyone was happy. Judas criticized her: “Why was this fragrant oil not sold…and given to the poor?”

Judas was parading as a social justice warrior. He was virtue signaling! But notice his true motives. He didn’t care for the poor! He was a thief. He wanted Mary to deposit the money into the treasury so he could take it! And because her sacrifice didn’t meet his personal agenda, he criticized her.

There will always be people who criticize your sacrifice for Jesus because it doesn’t meet their agenda. No matter whom you help and how much you help them, they will always fault you for not helping someone else. Ignore them! Help whom God calls you to help: nothing and no one else. And know that your sacrifice reaches His throne as a sweet-smelling offering! The criticism of men on earth can never deafen the sound of celebration in heaven as you lay your life at the feet of the King.


Father, give me focus and vision. Tell me whom to help, and show me whom to serve! I will lay my life at Your feet. I will do what You tell me, when You tell me to do it, in Jesus’ name!

© Michael D. White, 2021. All rights reserved.

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