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Day 136: What Is Truth?

The Daily Word: Thursday, May 16th, 2019
1 Samuel 18:5-19:24
John 8:31-59
Psalm 112:1-10
Proverbs 15:12-14
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – Jn 8:32

If you want freedom, you have to know the truth. Avoiding the truth makes freedom impossible; but embracing the truth makes freedom inevitable.

Here is the truth: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for your sins. You can never measure up to God’s holy standard of perfection; but Jesus knew that, so He measured up for you. He lived a perfect, sinless life; and then He died on the Cross in your place. He experienced an eternity of suffering in one infinite moment on the Cross so that you could have immediate confidence that you will see God in Heaven.

Truth is not relative. Everyone doesn’t get their own version! Truth is Absolute; and His name is Jesus Christ.


Father, thank You for the simple truth of the Gospel! I know Jesus died as my sin, so that I would become Your righteousness in Him! Thank You that He made the ultimate sacrifice, so that I could experience the fulfillment, in Jesus’ name!

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