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Day 129: Who Can Stand?

1 Samuel 5:1-7:17

John 6:1-21

Psalm 106:13-31

Proverbs 14:32-33

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

The ark of God contained God’s Presence. In 1 Sam 5, the Philistines (Israel’s enemy) captured the ark and brought it into their own country, and put it in their own house of worship. The Philistines worshipped their own false god (idol) named Dagon, who had the torso of a man and the tail of a fish. 1 Sam 5:3 tells us that when the Philistines woke up the next day to check on the ark of God, they found something amazing: their house of worship to their false God Dagon had been destroyed. Their idol, Dagon, was broken in pieces and lay flat on the ground. No false god can stand in God’s presence. No idol can survive when set before the One True God. As a people, we must restore our value for God’s presence, and return to seeking intimacy with our Creator. Anything else is a waste of time.


Father, restore in me a love for Your presence! I want to seek Your face and Your will for my life. I know the only place I can find true peace and happiness is before You!

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