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Day 127: Let God Establish You

1 Samuel 1:1-2:21

John 5:1-23

Psalm 105:37-45

Proverbs 14:28-29

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

“So Elkanah her husband said to her, ‘Do what seems best to you; wait until you have weaned him. Only let the Lord establish His word’” (1 Sam 1:23). Hannah’s husband gave her some timeless advice: let the Lord establish His word. Who gets in the way of God doing what He wants to do? We do, by wavering in doubt and unbelief. The Lord had promised Hannah a son through Eli the priest, and it was now Hannah’s privilege to wait and rely on the word of God as it unfolded before her. So many times, we fail to trust in God’s word because we don’t see results materialize immediately. Hannah had waited for many years to have a son; when it finally came to pass, her son was a great prophet who we still remember today, many thousands of years later! As soon as we get out of His way, the Lord can establish His word. Let Him work in your life, and trust in the promises He has given you!


Father, I know that Your strength alone sustains me! You are the only One who can make me great; I can never achieve my life’s ambition on my own. Give me patience and trust to stand on Your word and watch it come to pass in Jesus’ Name!

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