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Creative Director, CityLight Church

Job Description & Principal Responsibilities


  • Manage existing website & oversee upcoming website redesign.
  • Coordinate with graphic designers, social media team, and staff to update website with upcoming events and new content as necessary.
  • Upload podcasts and media content to website and iTunes store.

Video Projects

  • Coordinate all video projects for 1) services and 2) special events.
  • We prefer candidates with video production and/or editing experience but this is not required.

Social Media Team

  • Generate and post social media content across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  • Construct social media calendar to coincide with church events.

Advertising & SEO

  • Oversee ad campaigns on youTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, based on current trends in online advertising.
  • Coordinate with search engine optimization vendors to effectively increase organic search traffic.

Special Events

  • Serve as point person for all media elements at special events (video, photography, social media).
  •  Liaise with outside contractors and volunteers to ensure complete media coverage as necessary.

Creative Calendar

  • Formulate and update a “creative calendar” to outline upcoming media & social media projects. The goal is to stay “ahead of the curve:” always brainstorming media elements we can add to services, sermons, and special events.

Prayer & Study

  • Pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17). At CityLight Church, we do not endeavor to make any major decision, small or large, without consulting the Counselor, God’s Holy Spirit.
  • Meditate on God’s Word day and night (Josh 1:8). God has left us His instruction for a reason, and He promises we will succeed in all we do when we heed it.

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